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Lose Inches - Benefits

Sweat It Out

In a study performed by American Researchers, the sweat of people using a conventional sauna was found to be 95 to 97% water while the sweat of those using infrared heat system was 80% to 85% water with non water portion principally cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals (such as mercury and aluminum), sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid.

The unusually high concentration of heavy metals and other fat soluble toxins is not found in the in the sweat from normal exercise. The comforting heat from the infrared body wrap increases skin temperature, causing fats and oils to "melt" and seep out of the skin's sweat glands. As sweat and oil are secreted, the toxins dissolved in them are secreted as well. By excreting these toxins and then washing them off your body, your toxic load is lowered and cellular health improves.

Cellulite Reduction / Complete Body Detoxification

When we accumulate body fat anywhere in the body, blood circulation is affected. Because of lack of blood circulation, we cannot mobilize or burn the excess body fat .In addition very little heat is circulated in the body. This result in what we call "cold spots". When we take away the heat away from the body and it cools, the fat then turns from the subcutaneous fat into cellulite.

Cellulite is almost like hard muscle that is hardened from the lack of blood circulation. The purpose of the body wrap is to apply heat to the body in order to get underneath the fat tissue and melt it. This allows the blood to starts circulating into the areas that has restricted blood flow. This process begins to break up fat cell causing it to be released back into the blood stream in the form of calories to be burned up as energy.

Acne Control

Far infrared energy effectively breaks down water molecules that accumulate and store unwanted toxins in our body that block blood circulation and impair cellular functions. Exposure to far Infrared waves steadily circulates blood, removing blockages in the blood vessels and allowing for proper oxygen distribution to all parts of the body. This action has had success in treating skin disorders such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Rejuvenate Skin

It also rejuvenation Skin due to immediate blood and oxygen flow causing detoxification and improved skin condition. Your skin gets more firm, improve skin tone and elasticity. It can assist with cellulite as the infrared heat causes profuse sweating to clear the unwanted debris from trapped pockets beneath the skin. A new "glow" is achieved as the skin is freed of dirt, toxins and dry skin cells, due to a deep cleansing of unwanted impurities.

Pain Relief

The great thing about infrared heat is that it is able to penetrate in the body and goes up to the bone, including joints and ligaments, where the pain resides. This is why the infrared Body Wraps is sometimes used for sports injuries. When you damage a muscle, the heat goes right to the bone and promotes blood circulation which helps alleviate the pain. In addition, pain such as arthritis is relieved. The Infrared Body Wrap does not warm the body from the outside in. It warms from inside out.
Far infrared Heat Therapy for Pain Relief: New clinical research related to pain offers evidence that establishes a novel class of pain "heat responsive pain" or HRP, which encompasses several common pain conditions that can be treated with the use of heat therapy. Researchers studying HRP have observed remarkable therapeutic benefits by using continuous low level heat therapy for treating lower back pain, all conditions that fall under the new HRP classification.

"For centuries healthcare providers have used topical heat to relieve minor aches and pains, but today we are just beginning to understand the full range if therapeutic benefits that heat offers.," said pain expert Peter Vicente, PH.D. past President of the American Pain Society and clinical Health Psychologist, River Hills Healthcare, Cincinnati, OH. "Through new clinical research, we have found that heat activates complex neurological, vascular and metabolic mechanisms to mediate the transmission of pain signals and effectively provide relief for a variety of pain conditions."

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