At Safe Laser Therapy, our non-invasive treatments all center around the cutting edge technology that is cold laser therapy. This is a treatment that has been around for decades, providing relief for patients in a variety of circumstances such as smoking cessation, weight loss and hair restoration. All three of these treatments (and more) are done at our own location. In this post,  we are going to discuss exactly what cold laser therapy is and how it works within your body to provide results. 


The ideal candidate for cold laser therapy is an individual who is in good health and is committed to all aspects of their treatment. For example if you are looking to quit smoking, it is critical that you have a strong, genuine desire to stop smoking. Your technician will always make sure to provide you with an initial consultation that will go over your goals and expectations for your treatment program. 


After creating your personalized treatment plan, it will soon be time for your first treatment. The reason that this form of therapy is referred to as ‘cold’ is because the light level is not enough to heat the tissue of the body. Instead, the laser light makes direct contact with your skin, targeting the right areas for your specific treatment. The armature itself looks like a flashlight and it makes contact with your skin as your technician controls the beam. The laser itself penetrates the skin and the tissue absorbs the light. Your cells then respond to the light in different ways, one of which being regeneration. 


Continuing with the smoking cessation example, the meridian points are targeted, producing a biochemical release of endorphins into the body that are greater than those given by harmful nicotine. At Safe Laser Therapy, the first treatment for smoking cessation is about 2 ½ hours long. We are so committed to helping you get results that we provide a second treatment the next day which is about an hour long for free. 


In addition to our cold laser therapy treatment options, we also offer infrared heat therapy at our Stamford, Connecticut office.