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What Should I Expect During a Detoxification Appointment?

Safe Laser Therapy LLC provides treatments to detoxify the body and reduce stress. This video answers the question, “What should I expect during a detoxification appointment?”

Detoxifying the Body with Cold Laser Therapy

We use the heavy silicone pads. There are six of them. One for hip, one for stomach, two for thighs, and two for arms. Individually we wrap them around these areas, and then we cover you with three layers of sheets and the blanket, et cetera. This way the heat stays inside and it helps you to spread it out.

You will be lying down on the bed. Usually, people sleep in the treatment and they wake up only at the time when they start feeling very, very hot, and that’s when the fan is running and everything or AC is running. It’s a very comfortable treatment. People enjoyed it all these years.

Schedule a Detoxification Appointment Today

Learn more about detoxification benefits and appointments at the laser therapy clinic in Stamford by visiting the clinic website (https://www.safelasertherapy.com). To schedule an appointment today call (203) 601-7772.

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