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What is the detoxification process?

Safe Laser Therapy LLC provides detoxification treatments using FAR infrared body wraps. This blog post answers the question, “What is the detoxification process?”

When somebody’s coming for the detoxification treatment appointment, I send them an email with all the instructions to follow before the treatment. In that instructions, they’re supposed to drink so much water before this treatment. The body’s supposed to be hydrated to release the toxins, which is crucial after they come here, and they also provide them the clothing because the clothing we use is 100% cotton.

Since they will lay on the table, we have made significant changes because of the pandemic. The laundry used in the treatment should be sent back for the customer to wash at their place, and they can bring it to their next appointment. The actual treatment is the first 30 minutes of the session, infrared heat, like sunlight, okay? Infrared heat penetrates the body through the pads and the skin up to one and a half inches, and then it releases the fat.

It melts the fat; it releases the toxins, that’s why after 30 minutes, the person will start sweating. When they sweat, they sweat like never before. In the first 30 minutes, when the heat is penetrating inside the body, at that time, it is relaxing your muscles, joints, and ligaments, and when that happens, the blood circulation increases two to three times the average speed. After that, your metabolism increases. The moment you melt the fat, you feel very, very hot.

After the treatment is over, you sweat out so much; you feel so relaxed because toxins carry a lot of weight, which is out of the body. The person feels relaxation. The whole body gets rejuvenated, the skin gets rejuvenated, so it is like a freshen up your body. That is the detoxification process.

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