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How can cold laser therapy and detoxification reduce stress?

Cold laser therapy treatments can be an effective way to detox the body and alleviate stress. In this post Malti Gupta answers the question, “How can cold laser therapy and detoxification reduce stress?

With the cold laser therapy, first thing is to release the endorphin and serotonin level to increase the metabolism because out of stress, the first thing happen is the metabolism becomes slow. The moment the metabolism becomes slow, they will gain weight. Why person when they are under stress, their endorphin and serotonin level goes very low. That’s why they are very anxious. You can see their action. They’re very anxious. They cannot think straight.

Once their comfort level comes in the mind like releasing this endorphin and serotonin, they feel better and then detoxification. Detoxification when all the toxins which are created because of the stress, like cortisol. When they are released from the body, the person calms down. The stress also put a lot of stress on the muscles. I use the detoxification treatment in order to release not only the toxins but also to relax their muscles and increase the blood circulation in the body because blood circulation gets impacted because of the stress.

Blood circulation gets impacted, the metabolism, our gut health is impacted right then. Once the body starts functioning normal, the stress level goes down, or you can say the stress level goes down, body functions normally.

Every aspect of stress, whether it’s a feel-good chemical release, whether it’s a toxins release, or toxins rushing out of the system, or increasing the metabolism, increasing the energy in the body and relaxing the muscles, increasing the blood circulation, all these things help in releasing the stress.

Detoxification and Stress Relief

Learn More About Detoxification with Cold Laser Therapy

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