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How do FAR infrared body wraps detoxify the body?

Safe Laser Therapy LLC provides laser therapy for detoxification using infrared body wraps. In this video, Malti Gupta answers the question, “How do FAR infrared body wraps detoxify the body?”

For detoxification, I use the primary treatment as the infrared body wrap, which is my first choice of releasing toxins through this treatment because this does work to the cellular level. 80% of the water and 20% of the toxins comes out of this treatment. Traditionally, in any other sauna treatment, only 3% of the toxins are released versus the infrared body. I’m not saying any other infrared; I’m saying the one we use. It removes 20% of the toxins, including the heavy metal toxins, otherwise very hard to lose.

When these toxins are released or naturally expelled from the body, it is essential to know that no drug is involved. The only thing we ask you to drink water, water, water, before, during, and after the treatment. This will help you to release these toxins naturally through your sweat.

FAR Infrared Body Wraps

Learn More About Detoxification and Far Infrared Body Wraps

To learn more about detoxification and FAR infrared body wraps, list the Safe Laser Therapy website (https://www.safelasertherapy.com/). To get answers to your detoxification questions and schedule an appointment, call the clinic at (203) 601-7772.

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