malti gupta stands by patient getting body wrap detoxification

How Do I Know that I Need Detoxification?

Low level laser therapy can be used to effectively reduce stress and remove toxins from the body. In this video, Malti Gupta from Safe Laser Therapy, LLC answers the question, “How do I know that I need detoxification?”

When you start feeling stress, when you start feeling dull, when you start feeling worn out, you have no energy, you need something to do something different, you have lack of interest in many things or lack of interest in life, you are not in a mood to eat the right food, you’re eating junk food, that’s a clear sign that you have a lot of build-up of toxins inside. Let me tell you one important thing in the world to remember. If we do not expel these toxins out of the body, we are falling in a trap of picking up some sort of addiction.

Addiction starts right there when you have a lot of toxins in the body. The stress is building up, the toxins in the body, we are likely to catch up on some addiction. Removing the toxins from the body is the first step towards getting addiction-free or even if you’re not having addiction now, so you’re clearing your body from future addiction habits that can form later on.

Detoxification Cold Laser Therapy?

Learn more about cold laser therapy and how it can help detoxify your body and reduce stress by visiting the clinic website ( To schedule an appointment today call (203) 601-7772.

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