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How Fast Does Cold Laser Therapy Work to Stop Smoking?

Safe Laser Therapy, LLC provides treatments that can be used to help patients stop smoking. In this video, Malti Gupta answers the question, “How fast does laser therapy work to help people stop smoking?

The laser therapy works instantly, right away it starts working in the system. For example, if I’m giving a laser treatment for stop smoking, after that one-hour session, person will not smoke, because their desire to smoke is eliminated. How? Because the body starts working, that means it starts helping to release the endorphin and serotonin in the body. Once the endorphin and serotonin is released, person is relaxed.

The person is relaxed and feels the same relaxation just like the after smoking they get the relaxation. Same thing they will experience. That means if they are motivated, they will not smoke, because they know, “I’m feeling good, why should I smoke if I’m feeling good already?” With the help of laser treatment, we correct the natural cycle of the body.

Laser Treatment to Stop Smoking Fast

Learn more about how to quit smoking and laser therapy treatments, by visit the website for Safe Laser Therapy, LLC. To schedule a laser therapy appointment, call (203) 601-7772.

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