For 40 Years I have smoked approximately a pack a day with some time off here and there when I tried a new stop smoking program, patch or latest and greatest gimmick on the market to help me quit smoking. I obviously never was able to quit for good. Until the day I saw an ad in the local newspaper, made me call and found out about Safe Laser Therapy. I liked what I heard and with my commitment to my goal I took the treatments to quit smoking. The treatment was Non invasive, soothing and relaxing. From my very first treatment, I felt smoke-free.
Today is my 8 weeks smoke free and I feel fabulous; I feel healthier, happier and most of all free from the addiction of my smoking habit. I can now smell the smoke on other people’s clothes and wonder how I could have gone around smelling like that.
Safe Laser Therapy has truly been my salvation for a better future. It really helped my physical dependency on nicotine. Psychologically, I learned to make my commitment not each day and even each minute to celebrate the freedom from cigarettes once and for all. I look forward to a healthier and longer life being smoke free, thanks to Safe Laser Therapy.

Ann J