Malti Gupta Changed My Life!

I initially inquired about safe laser treatment, but was not adimant about changing my life. I always loved cigarettes and had no desire to quit, even after 21 years of smoking…and I am only 35 years old. After speaking with Malti from Safe Laser Therapy, I decided to jump in & give it a shot. After a consultation and understanding the importance to get my head on straight & accept that I was ready to change my life, we did the treatment. I decided to have the 2 laser sessions, but to add two detox treatments to ensure a “clean” break from my bad habits and addiction. It has been almost a week and I feel great. I did not go through any withdrawls or depression about not having my fixated “friends” (my cigarettes). I am beginning to notice how disgusting it smells on other people, which is just a wonderful pat on the back for me. I am going to recommend this treatment for all of my smoking friends & hope they can take the measures I did to ensure a longer & healthier life! I cannot wait until next year so I can reflect on how great I feel and how much money I have saved! The guys at the smoke shop are really going to miss me!

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