My experience was incredible

I had heard about the laser therapy to quit smoking at least 10 years ago from my sister but the only place offering treatment was just over the border from Buffalo, NY into Canada. Since then I had been looking for laser treatment locally but to no avail (New York City was the closest but too expensive). Then one day a few weeks ago I was waiting for a traffic light to change and saw the sign to quit smoking (Safe Laser Therapy’s building sign). I returned to my office to look them up on the computer. I called and set up an appointment as I was ready to quit smoking. My experience with the three (3) treatment sessions was incredible. In fact, the first day of treatment I only had a few cravings during the day and they did not last long (about 5 seconds). Each day became easier to get through smoke-free. I could not have been smoke-free for two (2) weeks now without this treatment. There were no chemicals (the Patch, gum or pills), no anxiety, no withdrawal symptoms and I was actually so relaxed that my husband commented that I “was a different person”. People at work have noticed and have asked for a pamphlet and asked how the experience was working for me. I would highly recommend this treatment to people who really want to quit smoking. With the increase in the price of cigarettes ($8.75 per pack per day), my treatment will pay for itself in just 40 days!

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