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I visited the Safe Laser Therapy in Stamford, regarding an inch loss and cellulite problem. The lady who runs the place was very welcoming and she analytically explained to me how exactly her laser equipment works, what would be the outcome from this therapy and what I had to do in order to help the process. Malti has a great knowledge of what she is doing and she is genuinely interested in helping you in any way she can in order to solve your problem. I had my first session the same day. I was very pleased to see how clean the place, the towels and the bed sheets were. This made me feel even more comfortable. The process is not hurtful at all, however you have to drink loads of water to keep hydrated. I was very happy to see that even the first time I could see how rejuvenated and healthy my skin seemed. I would definitely recommend this process for a body detox and for a cellulite improvement

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