Malti Gupta headset and Laser Therapy Session with a Client

Why Did You Start the Laser Therapy Clinic?

Malti Gupta is the owner and medical laser therapist at Safe Laser Therapy in Stamford, CT. Malti talks about why she started the clinic in this short video.

What motivates me to help my client is I’m going to provide them a drug-free help, which is not going to give them any side effects. Instead, it will provide them with multiple benefits at the same time. So my treatments– the laser treatments offer them the bundle of benefits to help them relieve their pain or help them quit smoking, to help them achieve a better lifestyle and health, that is my motivation.

About Malti Gupta and Safe Laser Therapy, LLC.

Learn more about Safe Laser Therapy, Malti Gupta, and the benefits of low-level laser therapy, visit the clinic website ( To schedule an appointment with Malti, call (203) 601-7772.

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