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State of the Art Laser Therapy for Removing Toxins

Detoxification Bethel CT 

Remove Toxins with Low Level Laser Therapy

Safe Laser Therapy (SLT) founded by certified laser therapist Malti Gupta is where many are discovering the innovative, all natural path to better health and wellness, with laser therapy for detoxification.

SLT offers low level laser therapy and the FAR InfraRed Body Wrap, effective and 100% safe treatments for muscle injuries, inflammation, joint pain, recovery from stroke or surgery, skin rejuvenation, weight loss, and detoxification.

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Low Level Laser Therapy for Detoxification Stamford CT – Call (203) 601-7772

How Do We Know that We Need Detoxification?

Basically, anyone living in the modern world needs some form of detoxification. Environmental pollution, processed foods and goods, prescription medication, even the care products we use to wash and groom our bodies have chemicals. These compounds are relatively new to the human body, which is not designed to digest them.

What evidence should you look for that it might be time for a detox? Extreme fatigue is one sure sign your body is overtaxed. The human body is an amazing machine. It takes in nutrition and water, and processes that fuel to give you the energy you need to function, both your body and brain. It also can detect foreign agents and give them the boot. However, if we don’t eat right, or have to take manufactured medications, or if we live in an area where there are environmental toxins, the system can’t keep up. That’s when fatigue and sleep issues crop up.

A second issue to be on the lookout for is weight gain. Toxin accumulation slows the metabolism because the oft must now work on two fronts, transforming good food into energy, but also eliminating toxic substances. Weight gain can be due to any factors including hormone imbalances, medications, or simply overeating. However, increased toxicity can also trigger sudden weight gains.

Finally, an additional result of toxic overload is frequent illness. Fighting off toxins is a challenge to the immune system, much like fighting off illness. Many of the responses the body has to foreign agents, like toxins, are the same as those that fight off viruses and germs. That means that when your body begins working to cleanse you from toxins, it has less of an ability to fight off germs and bacteria, a condition that can lead to illness. That is why it is important to keep the body clean from any level of toxicity.

man sweating, three glasses of vegetable juice and supplements for detoxification
Three Common Ways People Try to Detox

Popular Solutions for Removing Toxins from Our Bodies

Ideally a body identifies and eliminates toxins on its own. Natural processes include the bowels, skin (sweat), lungs, urinary tract, and the linings of the nose, eyes and lungs. This explains why, when you have a cold, there is a buildup of mucus in the eyes and nose, and phlegm in the lungs. This is essentially your body getting rid of the foreign agent (virus), essentially, a toxin.

But, when a system is overrun with heavy metals due to polluted air or processed foods, or activities like smoking, it cannot keep up. Eventually, the body has to store the toxins in fatty tissue, as a way of keeping them from doing damage to cells. Your body will tax itself, unable to work on everyday functioning.

Poor diet is one leading cause of toxins. If you fail to take in healthy amounts of fruits, vegetables or whole grains, and lots of clean water, you will likely have a higher level of toxicity. Anti-oxidants, found in healthy foods, bind with free radicals (essentially toxins) and deliver them to the digestive system. Without antioxidants, the body does not have the ability to stay ahead of a high level of toxins, so eating healthy is key.

Exercise is also important. Vigorous activity, like aerobic exercise, and being physically active throughout the day, (walk at lunch anyone?) keeps all of the body’s systems working at peak efficiency. Sweating is even better, because it helps eliminate toxins through the glands and skin. Exercise also encourages good circulation of oxygen rich blood. This promotes a healthy heart, and good digestion and proper elimination of toxic waste. Also popular are “cleanses,” which involve fasting and drinking special concoctions of water and or vegetable and fruit juices. Cleanses can help temporarily, but have the potential to send the body into a mild form of toxic shock, so they should be done under the supervision of a medical professional.

What People Are Saying About Detoxification
Safe Laser Therapy, LLC.

“I’m 26 years old. I am from Trumbull, Ct. I always come down to Stamford to Safe Laser Therapy tp get the infrared body wrap. I find it to be an extremely rejuvenating treatment. It’s a good jump start to any kind of diet or just to cleanse the body of any type of toxins. The service here is excellent. The place is very warm and comfortable which makes the experience great.” – Nick

What Are FAR InfraRed Body Wraps?

Infrared heat in a wrap is similar to the light and energy produced by the sun. There are basically three wavelengths, known as “near,” “middle,” and “far.” The InfraRed body wraps are considered far treatments. Like the sun, they produce a sense of gentle warmth on the skin. However, unlike the damage the sun’s rays can do, infrared laser therapy is 100% safe.

There are specific pathways in the body responsible for processing and eliminating toxins. Infrared wraps target these pathways, opening them up so they can work more quickly. Our skin is essentially our largest organ, with sweat glands used to “express,” (remove) excess liquid, salt and fat, but also toxins. This process alleviates the strain put on the digestive tract, which also processes toxins via stool and urine. These two systems must work together. The more sweat does to eliminate toxins, the less work the digestive tract has to do.

FAR InfraRed wraps are a thermal-based laser treatment built into a “wrap,” that looks and feels kind of like a sleeping bag. The wrap covers the full body from the neck down, as laser lights inside prompt a release of moisture through the sweat glands. Infrared wraps are typically seven times more effective at promoting sweat than exercise.

FAR InfraRed Body Wraps have lasers that penetrate several layers of skin, reaching toxins stored deep in the fatty tissue. This can feel similar to a mild heating pad used to relieve pain, but works at least-one-and-a-half to two inches deeper, where metabolic waste is stored. The perspiration released draws the toxins out onto the skin, to be washed away. The benefits of InfraRed Body Wraps go beyond detoxification, as the skin’s pores are also cleansed, which improves the look of skin, and can treat skin conditions related to toxicity, such as eczema. Circulation is also increased, which promotes healing and healthy cell regeneration.

woman relaxing in a spa wrapped in a blue blanket for detoxification with far infrared body wrap
FAR InfraRed Body Wrap Safe Laser Therapy Stamford CT

What Are the Benefits of Infrared Body Wraps in Bethel?

The list of possible toxins is long, from substances that are alcohol, nicotine and processed foods, to heavy metals such as lead, zinc or nickel. Some are environmental toxins that we have little control over. Others are present because of the choices we make. In any case, the benefits offered by InfraRed Body Wraps when it comes to detoxifying the body should be considered.

Sweating is a relatively slow process, when you consider how little you produce during an ordinary day. Specific activities (like an hour of “hot” yoga, or running can produce more, but all in all, sweating and eliminating toxins is slow. InfraRed lasers speed up the process. In fact, InfraRed technology can help the body produce seven times more sweat as exercise.

Toxins like cadmium, arsenic, mercury and lead, are more likely to be eliminated during the process of sweating, than through urine. One study found that phytates, chemicals used in toy production, fragrances and cosmetics, are twice as likely to be found in sweat, rather than in urine or blood. And finally, BPA is eliminated almost 80% through sweat. This means InfraRed Body wraps are a very efficient detox tool for these unhealthy compounds.

A side benefit to InfraRed Body Wraps is the deep cleansing of pores, which can become clogged with excess oil, dirt and flakes from dead or diseased skin. When pores are clogged, skin can have a dry or unhealthy appearance. An InfraRed Body Wrap unclogs and cleanses pores, which promotes healthy skin cell activity and gives the appearance of younger, fresher skin.

FAR InfraRed Body Wraps also promote improved circulation, which allows more vitamins and minerals and nutrients to reach cells for healthy growth, increased energy levels, better cognitive function, and improved digestion.

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Environmental and other toxins have the potential to wreak havoc on health, as they weaken our immune systems, do cell damage in the nervous system, trigger skin conditions, and overall lead to premature aging.

Malti Gupta is a highly trained laser therapist who has over 15 years of experience using cold laser therapy and FAR InfraRed Body Wrap therapy to eliminate toxins, treat injuries or inflammation, help with weight loss, promote skin rejuvenation, and overall produce a healthier body and happier life.

Phone consultations are free and sessions are safe, all natural and affordable. Call Malti Gupta at Safe Laser Therapy at (203) 601-7772 for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

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