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Cold Laser Therapy Treatments to Reduce Stress

Safe Laser Therapy is a treatment clinic in Stamford CT that is helping people manage stress and treat the physical damage it can do to the the body and mind.

As a certified laser therapist with 15 years experience treating all kinds of conditions, Malti Gupta is mostly just passionate about helping people live healthier, happier lives using this natural and safe treatment option.

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Stress Relief Safe Laser Therapy Stamford CT

The Problem with Stress for Greenvale

The majority of health problems we experience today, issues that ruin our quality of life can all be traced back to one issue-stress. Going back generations our bodies were designed to be alert to threats. The process involves the release of adrenaline, which gives us energy to run from, or react in ways, that will protect us from danger. 

However, in modern times “danger” is rarely immediate and yet we still experience strong physical reactions when we experience fear, anxiety or negative thoughts. The problem with this is that modern life has evolved in a way that we are not as physically active as we once were, so our bodies are unable to process the effects of stress reactions. 

One thing that happens to our brains and body under duress is the production of cortisol. Cortisol gives us a blast of energy. It increases the heart rate, snaps cognitive function into high gear and … This is intended to get us out of danger in the short term, but it was never meant to be a sustained state. Modern life, however, working long hours, managing relationships, experiencing trauma, have caused us to spend far more time in “flight or fight” mode. 

Stress impacts our health in profound ways. From loss of memory and cognitive function to physical health issues, stress can be the root cause of far too many conditions. Overeating and weight gain, smoking or other forms of substance abuse, and even malfunctions at a cellular level can be caused by living under a constant state of stress response.

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Common Ways to Relieve Stress – Safe Laser Therapy Stamford CT

Common Solutions for Treating Stress

There have been endless medications developed to try to limit the impact of stress on our lives. Most of us will have heard of these; Xanax, Lexipro, these are chemicals and compounds designed to mimic a brain and body that is Ina calm state. This is a valuable resource for anyone who has a serious chemical imbalance. At the same time, these must be used with thoughtfulness and care because there are risks of side effects. 

Good life habits can help minimize the effects of stress, like exercise. Exercise helps flush out the chemicals released when stress is present and encourages our bodies to produce feel-good natural by-products, such as endorphins. However, intense workouts are not for everyone. 

Of course one common reaction to stress are developing habits that mute the bodies responses. Mindfulness and meditation are showing themselves to be very effective tools for managing stress. However, some people under duress develop unhealthy habits like drinking or smoking to reduce the discomfort of stress and the symptoms caused by it. 

There is a far better way to manage the stress we experience, and minimize the physical and emotional reactions to it. Surprisingly, the most innovative, safest, and most natural tool emerging in the field of stress management is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).

Stress Relief Safe Laser Therapy Stamford CT
Stress Relief Treatment – Safe Laser Therapy Stamford CT

Why Treat Stress with LLLT in Greenvale?

Those who study stress understand the deep relationship between body and mind. People tend to have varying degrees of tolerance for stressful situations, and various ways of coping. But no matter how well a person handles stress, the body’s responses to it can do great damage, from aging skin and hair loss to joint pain or heart conditions, and more. 

The application of laser to treat the body and help minimize the effects of stress is a fairly new concept, but gaining great respect for its effectiveness. How does it work? 

The stimulation of key acupuncture pathways with laser has been know to cause a decrease in heart rate, lower blood pressure, and shift the body to a relaxed state. A therapeutic laser treatment for stress reduction uses a low level wavelength that interacts on a cellular level with tissue, triggering

How LLLT Works to Reduce Stress

LLLT has long been respected and in use for all kinds of pain management, wound healing, and other health conditions. However, the use of laser for healing from stress is relatively new. Studies conducted on veterans suffering from PTSD have found low level laser therapy focused on specific areas of the brain known to be very promising. 

When we experience high levels of stress, especially over extended periods of time there are functions in the brain that slow down, and the number of cells in the area can decrease. , 

The goal and theory of LLLT is to aim high-power near-infrared laser light directly into the skull. The target tissue is primarily Brodmann’s 9 and 10, the PFC.  The photons cross the skull and are absorbed by mitochondria in the neurons, stimulating ATP production and increasing neuronal activity and nerve growth factor.  The increased PFC activity then suppresses the amygdala.  Secondary target tissues are the fronto-temporal cortical areas associated with depression.  The anterior cingulate cortex, hippocampus, and amygdala are not target tissues for direct laser stimulation

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LLLT has long been respected and in use for all kinds of pain management, wound healing, and other health conditions. However, the use of laser for healing from stress is relatively new. Studies conducted on veterans suffering from PTSD have found low level laser therapy focused on specific areas of the brain known to be very promising. 

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