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Very Happy

I visited the Safe Laser Therapy in Stamford, regarding an inch loss and cellulite problem. The lady who runs the place was very welcoming and she analytically explained to me how exactly her laser equipment works, what would be the outcome from this therapy and what I had to do in order to help the process. Malti has a great knowledge of what she is doing and she is genuinely interested in helping you in any way she can in order to solve your problem. I had my first session the same day. I was very pleased to see how clean the place, the towels and the bed sheets were. This made me feel even more comfortable. The process is not hurtful at all, however you have to drink loads of water to keep hydrated. I was very happy to see that even the first time I could see how rejuvenated and healthy my skin seemed. I would definitely recommend this process for a body detox and for a cellulite improvement

Lianka P.

This is a fabulous treatment that I would recommend.

This is a fabulous treatment that I would recommend. I achieved inch loss of 12” after three sessions
And 5-6 lbs weight loss with exercise and nutritional balance. Thanks

Beth C.

I lost 10 lbs after my first appointment

I heard about body wraps from my friends. I never believed that I can lose weight. But I have my wedding coming up so I had to try. I lost about 10 lbs after my first try as you can see from my picture. For me body wraps felt like a personal sauna but better. Because the heat went right through the body and burn the fat out in just 1 hour. It’s safe and I felt no side effect at all. During the process I sweat a lot and after that I felt so relaxed and also my body felt so fresh

Sophia R.

I was fortunate enough to find her through a friend.

I was fortunate enough to find her through a friend. I have gone through a series of treatments and feel wonderful. I came to her because I always felt bloated. I had no energy. Though I am active I could not loose weight and had a stubborn “roll” in my middle. People now compliment me daily on how great I look and how my skin glows. Malti has a warm and welcoming way and really believes in the success of these treatments and she has helped so many people enjoy their lives more fully.

Laura S.

I am thinner where I want to be

I was a little leary about doing the Safe Laser Therapy. I decided to try it. Boy, I am a believer now. I am thinner where I want to be and the best is that I am sleeping better. I used to wait many times during the night and now I wake up at most once. It is painless and results are immediate. Try it!!!!

Judith C.

Treatments have cured the pains

I had been living with my neck pain from last 15 years and had been on the medication from all these years still was not able to move my neck easily. I was also not able to walk because of leg pain.Laser and Infrared Body Wraps treatment have cured the pains I had and overall made me feel 10 years younger. I am 86 years old. Now I can walk easily and also I had stopped all the medication.

Ka ushalya G.

I have a new life as a non–smoker

Safe Laser Therapy has given me a new life as Non –Smoker. After 24 years, I was able to successfully quit smoking after the very first treatment; I am thrilled with the results and highly recommend this process to anyone who is interested in quitting- especially if you think you can’t-as long as you want to quit smoking. Safe Laser Therapy’s procedure is safe, painless and  Efficient and will have you a non-smoker after the very first visit.

Jennifer L. Pierce

The only way to stop smoking

Safe Laser Therapy is the only way to stop smoking. This method is Safe, Effective and Immediate. After so many unsuccessful tries, I am finally a NON –Smoker. I was smoking for 48 years.

Cary Pierce

I did not smoke after the first treatment.

I was smoking for 23 years and I had made up my mind to quit. My wife saw an ad in the newspaper. She told me it is with laser, No drug, no harm, no side effect, in 10 days 3 treatment. I did not smoke from the first day of the treatment. I feel happy, and fresh. Laser treatment works 100%. I like it.

Jurmes G.

Safe Laser Therapy has truly been my salvation for a better future.

For 40 Years I have smoked approximately a pack a day with some time off here and there when I tried a new stop smoking program, patch or latest and greatest gimmick on the market to help me quit smoking. I obviously never was able to quit for good. Until the day I saw an ad in the local newspaper, made me call and found out about Safe Laser Therapy. I liked what I heard and with my commitment to my goal I took the treatments to quit smoking. The treatment was Non invasive, soothing and relaxing. From my very first treatment, I felt smoke-free.
Today is my 8 weeks smoke free and I feel fabulous; I feel healthier, happier and most of all free from the addiction of my smoking habit. I can now smell the smoke on other people’s clothes and wonder how I could have gone around smelling like that.

Safe Laser Therapy has truly been my salvation for a better future. It really helped my physical dependency on nicotine. Psychologically, I learned to make my commitment not each day and even each minute to celebrate the freedom from cigarettes once and for all. I look forward to a healthier and longer life being smoke free, thanks to Safe Laser Therapy.

Ann J

Malti Gupta Changed My Life!

I initially inquired about safe laser treatment, but was not adimant about changing my life. I always loved cigarettes and had no desire to quit, even after 21 years of smoking…and I am only 35 years old. After speaking with Malti from Safe Laser Therapy, I decided to jump in & give it a shot. After a consultation and understanding the importance to get my head on straight & accept that I was ready to change my life, we did the treatment. I decided to have the 2 laser sessions, but to add two detox treatments to ensure a “clean” break from my bad habits and addiction. It has been almost a week and I feel great. I did not go through any withdrawls or depression about not having my fixated “friends” (my cigarettes). I am beginning to notice how disgusting it smells on other people, which is just a wonderful pat on the back for me. I am going to recommend this treatment for all of my smoking friends & hope they can take the measures I did to ensure a longer & healthier life! I cannot wait until next year so I can reflect on how great I feel and how much money I have saved! The guys at the smoke shop are really going to miss me!

Kimberly Sherwood Cicchiello

The treatment provided me with the support I needed

I’ve tried the patch, Chantix, the gum, Zyban, nicotine vaporizers… you name it, I’ve tried it. I believe I was ready to give up what I considered to be a nuisance. With this treatment, I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical — but open to it. I went into it with the mindset that I was prepared to go cold turkey whether it worked or not– it was definitely time. I was pleasantly surprised that there was little physical withdrawal, as promised. It was, however, my responsibility to stay busy and recognize the little mind tricks that come about — they do happen. I believe the laser treatment provided me with the physical support I needed to make this big change happen. I will recommend this to people who know, in their heart, they are ready to do what is necessary to quit.

Jason T.

The laser treatment gave me the push I needed to stop smoking

I have smoked for about 15 years and even though I only smoked at night and only had at the max 6 cigarettes I still found it hard to quit on my own.  The quit smoking laser treatment gave me the push I needed to stop smoking.  I have been smoke free since I completed the course of treatments which is a few months now.


It has been an amazing experience.

I have just completed Malti’s Safe Laser Therapy for quitting smoking. It has been an amazing experience. Malti’s consultation prior to treatment was thorough and she has offered continual on going support. The treatment itself is relaxing and after each treatment I left feeling like I could conquer anything. She takes a positive approach to the quitting smoking process, rather than focusing on all the obvious health reasons to quit. Thank you Malti!!!

L. Balzano

My experience was incredible

I had heard about the laser therapy to quit smoking at least 10 years ago from my sister but the only place offering treatment was just over the border from Buffalo, NY into Canada. Since then I had been looking for laser treatment locally but to no avail (New York City was the closest but too expensive). Then one day a few weeks ago I was waiting for a traffic light to change and saw the sign to quit smoking (Safe Laser Therapy’s building sign). I returned to my office to look them up on the computer. I called and set up an appointment as I was ready to quit smoking. My experience with the three (3) treatment sessions was incredible. In fact, the first day of treatment I only had a few cravings during the day and they did not last long (about 5 seconds). Each day became easier to get through smoke-free. I could not have been smoke-free for two (2) weeks now without this treatment. There were no chemicals (the Patch, gum or pills), no anxiety, no withdrawal symptoms and I was actually so relaxed that my husband commented that I “was a different person”. People at work have noticed and have asked for a pamphlet and asked how the experience was working for me. I would highly recommend this treatment to people who really want to quit smoking. With the increase in the price of cigarettes ($8.75 per pack per day), my treatment will pay for itself in just 40 days!

Luanne Ryan

I found the laser treatment to be very good.

I have been a smoker for 13 years. I have tried Chantix, It gave me nightmares and headache. So I was scared of quitting. But I found the laser treatment to be very good. I had 3 treatments in less than a week and have been smoke free from day one. I did feel some withdrawal symptoms but coaching made it easy to understand and handle them. Along with this treatment my decision to quit and the coaching which I have received to help the psychological aspect of quitting has made this treatment very effective and made quitting very easy.

Dr. Alam

My first treatment was nearly 3 weeks ago and I still have no desire to use.

“My name is Michael and I have been chewing tobacco for about 3 years now. I have tried to quit before using patches but to no avail. After searching the web I came across Safe Laser Therapy. My first treatment was nearly 3 weeks ago and I still have no desire to use. As I enter my last treatment tomorrow I am completely confident that my urge to use tobacco is gone.”

Michael Sweeney

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