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Skin Rejuvenation Rye, NY

Understanding skin conditions and skin rejuvenation

There are many skin conditions that are not serious, but because they can cause a great deal of discomfort, and affect your appearance, which spoils your quality of life. Low level laser therapy (LLLT) and FAR-Infrared Therapy are safe and effective treatment options for skin rejuvenation which can alleviate many common skin conditions.

Laser therapy is non-invasive, and can be effective on its own, or work in conjunction with prescription medications, while speeding up the healing process. There are skin conditions which are chronic, like eczema, or one time issues, such as rashes, or wounds. Laser treatments can work very well in either case.

Some of the most common conditions that laser therapy is used to treat are:

close up a face check showing acne
Laser Therapy Acne – Safe Laser Therapy LLC


Extreme acne is an awful thing to live with, especially if it’s pronounced and visible on your face. Acne is common in young people during puberty. The condition is caused by hair follicles becoming clogged from skin oils, the oils that keep skin from drying out. When pores are clogged, bumps-known as pimples-erupt. Acne is the result of a very complex process where the skin attempts to rid itself of dead skin cells and regenerate, but the process isn’t functioning properly, this is something laser therapy is uniquely suited to treat.

close up of a check showing rosacea
Rosacea Treatment – Safe Laser Therapy LLC


While it has yet to be determined what causes this condition, it can be troublesome to live with. Rosacea causes extreme redness in the cheeks, chin and forehead, and in some cases may spread to the neck or chest. Broken blood vessels may have a pronounced appearance, and there are often bumps similar to acne. This condition responds very well to laser treatment because it works to reduce the thickening of skin that can happen with rosacea and it quickly regenerates skin cells to eliminate rough dry patches, reduce red bumps, and even out skin tone.

a person is scratching their back that is covered with Psoriasis
Psoriasis Treatment – Safe Laser Therapy LLC

Eczema or Psoriasis

These conditions are somewhat similar in that they cause extreme, red itchy skin, and sometimes extremely scaly patches that shed flakes. While not serious health concerns, both of these conditions are disruptive and can be an embarrassment. There has yet to be a cure for the condition, but laser treatment has proven effective at helping the skin heal quickly during flare ups.

tight view of a gloved hand inspecting a healing wound
Wound Treatment – Safe Laser Therapy LLC

Wound Recovery

Of course wounds are tears or damage to layers of skin. Wound healing takes place when the body grows new, healthier skin cells to heal the damage. It’s a marvelous process but it can take time. Laser therapy has been found to trigger the body to regenerate skin cells faster, speeding up the recovery time significantly.

a woman is squeezing her thigh showing cellulite and the areas that need skin rejuvenation
Skin Tightening – Safe Laser Therapy LLC

Skin Tightening

Of course wounds are tears or damage to layers of skin. Wound healing takes place when the body grows new, healthier skin cells to heal the damage. It’s a marvelous process but it can take time. Laser therapy has been found to trigger the body to regenerate skin cells faster, speeding up the recovery time significantly.

three images showing how may people choose to try to rejuvenate their skin
Skin Conditions for Laser Therapy – Safe Laser Therapy Stamford CT

Common Solutions for Treating Skin Conditions

Treatments for skin conditions, or dry aging skin number in the hundreds. The majority of treatment options involve some kind of ointment or oral medication full of chemicals and non-natural compounds. While prescription medications are necessary in some cases, (for example a bacteria fighting treatment in a wound is critical) treating skin conditions with a more organic approach is advisable.

Medications that can be helpful include medicated creams that add moisture to dry skin, antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection or antihistamines which eases the body’s response to an allergic reaction. For some reason antihistamines work to treat flare ups of eczema and psoriasis. Anti aging products usually work to remove the topmost layers of skin so new skin can emerge, and look younger and fresher. These may work up to a point, but topical treatments are expensive, messy and can cause side effects.

And, while an antibacterial ointment is important to keep a wound from becoming infected, there isn’t a prescription or medication that can speed up skin cell development. Other common ways to treat skin conditions include prescription or over the counter pain relievers or anti inflammatories. Antibacterial ointments or soaps, or dermabrasion, which is the scraping off of the top layers of skin to reveal newer skin.

Treatments for rejuvenating aging skin is a multi-billion dollar industry. Products and treatment options most commonly involve using compounds known as retinoids. This is a general term used to describe products that have vitamin A, but the most effective are products that result in retinoic acid, which removes surface skin and dead cells, and unclog pores. These products also stimulate collagen production and increase collagen density. Other common treatments include vitamin C, hydroxy acids, or peptides. The majority of products on the market contain propylene glycol and parabens, and some contain benzoyl peroxide which can irritate skin.

In all of the skin conditions described above, laser therapy is an all natural and non-invasive treatment option that produces similar results, but with no known side effects or risky chemicals or compounds, and the effects of the treatment happen much faster.

three images showing hands, face and thighs which are areas that skin rejuvenation can treat
Skin Rejuvenation Safe Laser Therapy Stamford CT

Why Use Low Laser Therapy (LLLT) to Treat Skin Conditions and Skin Rejuvenation?

Skin conditions are easily treated with laser therapy, and skin responds faster, because the cells respond so well to laser light. Where new skin cells need to be present to assist (i.e., to heal a wound or push out dead skin) laser therapy is especially effective when treatment is administered by a certified therapist.

Here’s how it works. Laser light emits trillions of photons, which are sent out through an optical lens that concentrates the rays of light into a beam. This allows a large amount of energy to be concentrated on a smaller area. This kind of natural energy is perfect to stimulate healthy cell growth, and works especially when seeking to trigger healthy growth of new skin cells. Unlike ordinary light, laser photons move in waves that scientists call “in phase.” This means energy is not put out with “heat” which dissipates quickly, but more slowly, so more energy can be absorbed and spread throughout tissue and into cells.

The energy from a laser light source interacts with the cells as they regenerate, and allows them to absorb more energy faster, which leads to faster activity. This makes laser therapy the perfect treatment for all kinds of conditions, but especially those involving skin tissue, which is made to absorb and use light, because of the sun.

With inflammatory disorders, such as acne, or eczema, clogged pores are unable to express keratinocytes, a type of skin cell. With acne, for example, the keratinocytes bond with skin oils and sometimes hair, and are unable to be shed. This is where irritating skin problems can begin.

Aging skin happens when the body’s production of collagen slows down. Laser is used to conduct what is called “resurfacing,” an unfortunate term as it sounds like a harsh treatment, but it’s actually a very gentle treatment that mimics what the body does anyway. With an ablative laser, light is used to eliminate the very fine layer of skin on the surface and heat up the layers underneath, sending increased energy, which tells the deeper skin cells to regenerate. This simply speeds up collagen production and cell regeneration to produce new skin.

woman with a clear complexion smiling
Skin Rejuvenation Laser Therapy – Safe Laser Therapy Stamford CT

How LLLT Works to Restore and Rejuvenate Healthy Skin

The primary benefit of laser light treatment is that it is all natural with no known side effects. Unlike medication, or harsh chemicals, laser therapy treatments for skin conditions work faster, and are far less messy. Laser simply triggers healing and skin rejuvenating responses the body has, but allows those processes to happen more quickly.

For younger looking skin, or to treat conditions that cause problems on the surface of the skin (eczema or psoriasis) a beam of laser light is targeted at problem areas where it destroys the outer superficial layers of dead skin, and heats the underlying layers. The energy focused on the deeper skin cells speeds up the production of collagen, and results in a much improved skin tone, and texture. Treatments can last anywhere from one half hour to two full hours depending on the goal.

For faster healing of deep wounds there may be multiple applications of laser light done over the course of weeks or months depending on the severity of the wound. The body’s miraculous ability to heal itself is terrific, but it can be a very slow process. Laser therapy is respected as a treatment option that can speed up the healing process significantly, assisting in the faster production of new skin cells.

For skin conditions thought to be related to inflammation, lasers are very effective. Acne is caused, in part, by clogged pores that trap bacteria, laser cleans out pores and hair follicles, and encourages the healthy production of new cells that line the pores and hair shafts. Old, dead skin is removed and new skin cells emerge, leaving skin clean and appearing fresh.

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