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Hair Restoration Somers NY

Hair Restoration with Laser Therapy Treatments

Safe Laser Therapy in Stamford CT is a laser therapy clinic that uses cold laser treatments to treat many health conditions, including smoking cessation. Certified laser therapist Malti Gupta is an expert with 15 years of experience using lasers to treat muscle injury, recovery from surgery, and many other health issues.

At SLT Gupta also specializes in hair restoration and InfraRed Body Wraps to promote weight loss, skin rejuvenation and improved circulation.

Hair Restoration for Men Cold Laser Therapy – Call (203) 601-7772
Hair Restoration for Men Cold Laser Therapy – Call (203) 601-7772

What Causes Hair Loss?

Let’s be honest, our self image and confidence is influenced, in part, by our appearance. If you are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss, and searching for a safe, simple solution, Safe Laser Therapy is for you.

Are you experiencing:

  • Hair Loss due to aging?
  • Thinning hair
  • Recovery from
  • Chemotherapy
  • Auto Immune
  • Disease, Menopause
  • Scalp Conditions
  • Hair loss due to stress or vitamin or nutritional deficiency

There are many factors that determine how full a head of hair is. Genetics, diet, medications, hormonal changes, or stress can be blamed for thinning hair. Also, there are many skin conditions that affect the scalp and encourage hair loss.

Hair Loss may occur suddenly, or gradually over time. Either way, it can be distressing. The good news is that not all hair loss is permanent, and with the right treatment can grow back, in some cases you can regain fuller and thicker hair.

Hair loss is usually loss is related to one or more of these factors:

  • Insufficient blood supply to the scalp
  • Improper nutrition
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Plugged follicles

Many people that experience significant hair loss report feeling scared, anxious, and unattractive. Laser therapy is a newer technology showing promise as a method to promote hair growth. One safe and effective laser light treatment does not involve fake surgical implants, chemicals or topical ointments, and is worth researching. Low Level Laser treatments are showing great promise by encouraging the body’s natural process of growing hair.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) has been in use in many parts of the world for many years. In the U.S. it is gaining respect as an effective treatment option for injuries, inflammation, healing of wounds and tissue, to help with recovery after nerve damage, and for issues like detoxification, weight loss, and to treat skin conditions. Laser also shows promise as an effective therapy to reverse hair loss.

thee images combined showing different types of hair restoration
Three Types of Treatments for Hair Replacement

Common Solutions To Restore Hair for Somers NY

Common treatment options for hair loss are many. It can be a challenge to figure out what products or methods truly work. Some solutions involve a complicated regimen of ointments, others require minor surgery. There are prescription medications and topical treatments. One thing these methods have in common is that they all carry some risks of side effects.

The most commonly used medications are Finasteride, Propecia, and Minoxidil (Rogaine). Because, in part, they affect hormones related to hair growth, there is a risk of side effects. These can be physical and/or emotional. Shampoos and foams are also very popular, because most of them are sold over-the-counter, meaning you can acquire and use them without medical supervision. These are self applied, and pose less risk than medication. However, because these are not prescribed, the potency of the treatment is lower and the success rate not as high. These topical applications are typically messy, and the regimen complicated. It can take months and months of dedicated application to see results. There is evidence that these products can work, but it’s time consuming and there is not a guarantee of success.

Hair Implants are a surgical procedure where areas of the scalp that can grow hair are transplanted in thin, tiny pieces to areas of the scalp that have lost hair. Typically the grafts are removed from the back of the head, underneath existing hair where it can’t be seen. While the grafted areas lose the hair rather quickly, within 2 to 3 weeks new hair growth will occur in at least 60% of the area.

While not an invasive or highly complicated surgery, there are still risks to surgical implants, including infection, and side effects of the painkillers which are prescribed to manage the discomfort post surgery. While it does not pose a significant risk, implants should be approached carefully.

What People Are Saying About Cold Laser Therapy Treatments for Hair Loss

 “Thanks to Malti and her program, I have been completely smoke and nicotine free for over 8 months. I had tried to quit on previous occasions and even stopped smoking for approximately 7 years. My cigarette consumption had declined but my vaping increased! When my husband’s health took a turn for the worse it was clear that we both needed to stop smoking fast! My husbands cousin did Malti’s program and has been smoke free for over a year. After 42 years of smoking, I am finally free. Thank you, Malti!” – Marilyn W.

Hair Restoration for Women with Cold Therapy Treatments – Call (203) 601-7772
Hair Restoration for Women with Cold Therapy Treatments – Call (203) 601-7772

Why Low Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

What’s called “near-infrared light,” or low level laser light has long been known to promote fast tissue repair. This low intensity light does not produce heat, but penetrates deeply through the layers of skin to stimulate cellular activity.

Low level laser therapy is a handheld laser applied to the body, where an emission of light at a prescribed wavelength goes deep under layers of skin and interacts with the tissue and cells. Also known as photobiomodulation, evidence is mounting that the application of light can stimulate healthy, more rapid cell growth. This process is also known as cold laser therapy because it does not produce heat the way cutting lasers do.

Lasers are recommended for use by many in the medical community, increasingly respected as a treatment option for many conditions such as muscle injuries, joint pain, skin conditions, nerve regeneration, and more. These are just a few of the issues doctors are now relying on laser therapy to treat. Now, Safe Laser Therapy (SLT) has found that low level laser therapy, also known as cold laser therapy, can be used to treat significant hair loss.

Low Level Laser Therapy is practical and safe for treatment of injuries, surgery recovery, and many other applications, most of which have been approved of by the medical community for some time. Until recently, there hasn’t been a ton of research regarding other uses, because it is such a safe and non-invasive procedure. However, evidence is mounting that low level laser therapy is effective in addressing hair loss, weight loss and smoking cessation also, which is giving hope to many.

When it comes to hair loss, the laser irradiates photons into scalp tissue, photons that are absorbed by weaker cells. This triggers healthy cell regeneration and growth. Today, evidence is growing that the right laser treatment in the hands of the professional laser therapist can be used to grow thicker, healthier hair even in areas where regrowth has been challenging.

woman is receiving laser therapy for hair loss red light surrounds her head wearing block protective glasses
Hair Restoration with Safe Laser Therapy – Call (203) 601-7772

Low Laser Therapy and Hair Restoration?

How does laser therapy for hair growth work? Low level laser therapy, also known as photo-bio-stimulation, affects the capillaries helping them expand. This increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen made available to cells, speeding up the process of regeneration.

At SLT a certified laser therapist will target the area of the scalp where the hair loss has occurred. The laser penetrates the scalp and interacts with cells in the tissue of the hair shaft while also increasing blood flow throughout the scalp. Your body’s natural oils or flaky skin can plug the hair follicle, which inhibits growth. Laser treatments clear the hair shaft and stimulate hair follicles, causing the shaft to form more tightly around new hair growth. This strengthens the hair strand and gives it the appearance of being thicker, and it won’t fall out as readily.

Low level laser appointments for hair loss are brief, and not only painless, but relaxing. At Safe Laser Therapy, the regimen is typically 14 sessions that take place over the course of 12 weeks. Because normal hair growth is a slow process, it can take a minimum of 12 weeks to see new growth.

Over the 14 weeks of treatment, SLT will scan the scalp at least 2-3 times to look into the scalp deeply, and check the progress. The initial consultation is 45 minutes, and includes a thorough inspection of the scalp, including a full diagnostic scan. Each session thereafter is low level laser treatment that focuses on areas of the scalp where hair loss has occurred. These sessions are about 30 minutes each. Week one, and week three we ask for two visits. The remainder of the course of treatment only requires one visit per week.

It’s recommended you rely on a certified, highly trained laser therapist, preferably one with years of experience. Home versions of lasers are available online, but these devices simply aren’t powerful enough, or effective enough, to make a real difference in any situation. Licensed therapists have the expertise needed to target the right area, and set the laser to an appropriate wavelength to achieve the healing and regeneration of cells you need to stimulate hair growth. SLT currently has a 100% success rate with clients who have received treatment for hair loss, and have completed the full program.

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Hair restoration at Safe Laser Therapy by Malti Gupta is a simple, and safe approach to treat hair loss, with no known side effects, and fast results. New growth can be seen in just 14 weeks, thanks to the deep healing penetration of laser to promote healthy cell activity deep beneath the scalp.

Malti Gupta is a highly trained laser therapist that has helped hundreds of clients in the Tri State area feel better, and live healthier lives, through effective laser treatments and InfraRed Body Wraps.

Learn more about the laser therapy treatments we provide here, including treatments that can restore hair.

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