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Quitting smoking is hard. Many people have tried and failed so many times they lost track. Nicotine is a powerful, oily substance found in all tobacco plants. Nicotiana tabacum, its Latin name, is extremely addictive and has been around for thousands of years. With one billion tobacco smokers worldwide, nicotine is as difficult to give up as heroine.

Why is Nicotine So Addictive?

Nicotine works by mimicking the actions of a naturally occurring brain chemical, acetylcholine. It attaches to special receptor molecules in the brain by docking with its special receptor molecules. Nicotine is addictive because the brain starts to rely on nicotine to work properly, as its own chemical, acetylcholine, is slowly pushed aside.

When nicotine is absorbed by the body, it stimulates adrenal glands to produce epinephrine, or adrenaline. Your heart rate and blood pressure rise as blood vessels constrict. Dopamine is also produced, which is a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s pleasure center. Inhaling nicotine gives the most immediate effects (less than 10 seconds), and that’s because your lungs are lined with millions of tiny air sacs called alveoli that take up a lot of space — more than 40 times the surface area of your skin. And, as we all know, your blood picks up oxygen from the lungs and deposits carbon dioxide quickly. Cigarette smoke contains many other dangerous chemicals, including tar, carbon monoxide, acetaldehyde, and nitrosamines — all of which are poisons to your body that can lead to cancer.

Nicotine only stays in the human body for a few hours, requiring replenishment to receive the same pleasure effects — hence, the perpetual addiction cycle.

Why Laser Therapy to Quit Smoking?

Laser therapy targets the symptoms of smoking — the adrenaline and dopamine you feel from the stimulus nicotine provides. With laser therapy for quitting smoking, lasers cause a biochemical reaction in the body that releases the level of endorphins that exceed those released by nicotine consumption. You will feel relaxed, and your desire to smoke will reduce drastically and gradually disappear. Laser therapy has a high success rate as we focus on the energy meridian points located all over the body, linked with stress, addiction, and metabolism. Similar to acupuncture, low level lasers for smoking cessation produce results.

How Many Sessions Do I need to Quit Smoking with Laser Therapy?

Although one treatment is good enough for anyone to begin their journey to quit smoking, each person is unique and we create a custom treatment plan for each individual. We offer a second appointment on the following day of your first treatment for FREE to help you take the edge off and build your confidence. The first session takes about 2 ½ hrs. and the second session takes approximately one hour. Each patient will be treated according to their individual needs after that.

You will immediately experience a feeling of relaxation and a state of well-being. The laser treatment is completely painless. Some clients report a slightly warm or tingling sensation on a few points.

All of our treatments are:

  • Drug-free. Laser therapy to quit smoking is all natural, stimulating your body without drugs or other medications.
  • Non-invasive. The laser therapy to quit smoking is all external.
  • Pain-free. There are no side effects to quitting smoking with laser therapy.
  • Safe. Laser therapy to quit smoking is safe and effective, as the lasers are usually applied to your hands, wrist, ears, and face.
  • Smoking is the most common preventable cause of death in the United States. Used in Europe and Canada for the past 35 years, laser therapy to quit smoking has a proven track record to help you quit smoking for good.

Safe Laser Therapy in Stamford, CT, offers Laser Therapy to quit smoking. We are passionate about helping people live their best lives through quitting smoking using laser therapy. Your body has amazing abilities to heal itself. Almost immediately, your risk for a heart attack plunges, previously damaged nerve endings begin to regrow, and you can breathe easier. After one year of quitting smoking with laser therapy, your lungs will have improved dramatically. Contact Safe Laser Therapy today for a return to health and wellness!

About Quitting Smoking with Safe Laser Therapy

Safe Laser Therapy, LLC, is the first laser clinic in Connecticut for smoking cessation, which opened its doors in 2008. Laser therapy is proven to be a very effective treatment against all forms of nicotine addiction such as smoking, tobacco-chewing, E-Cigarettes, and vaping with a success rate of 90%. Our Laser Treatment combined with compassionate coaching and personalized support is highly praised and recommended by our clients.

No matter how many cigarettes you smoke or how long you have been smoking, this unique, entirely safe, laser program can help you achieve your goal of quitting smoking! Our Laser Treatment is non-invasive, safe, and has NO side-effects. What’s more, it is completely drug FREE and very relaxing.

Be Smoke-Free and Nicotine Free!!

Visit Safe Laser Therapy in Stamford, CT. Our certified laser therapists use FDA approved state of the art equipment and are trained to serve your needs. Call (203) 601-7772 and make an appointment when you are ready to quit.

Want to make the process more rewarding? Ask your therapist about our weight-loss and detox treatments and feel great with a clean and slim body!!

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