Is Stress ‘Eating Away at You’…?

Let Safe Laser Therapy help you Detoxify your Body and Relax your Mind

Stress is possibly the most dangerous Toxin our body faces every day. From weight gain to heart disease, the price of stress is more than anyone should pay.

  • Stress reduces your body’s ability to metabolize and detoxify — Elevated levels of stress often increase your desire for high-fat, sugary foods while simultaneously making it harder to burn through those calories.
  • Stress changes how your body reacts — From packing on extra pounds to a weakening immune system, and memory loss to accelerated aging, our bodies do not respond well to stress.
  • Stress causes heart problems — Chronic stress often results in higher blood pressure and heart disease.

Defeat your stress by trying a new approach to well-being and relaxation!

Safe Laser Therapy, LLC in Stamford, Connecticut combines the well-known benefits of FAR-Infrared heat as well as Low-Level-Laser Therapy to help reduce stress in a manner that is most relaxing and non-invasive. Painless, drug-free, and completely safe, this procedure guarantees an easy approach to stress management.


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