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Laser Technology at Safe Laser Therapy

Through the years of research and development it's been discovered that certain types of light in certain amounts can have tremendous therapeutic effects on our bodies. Special lasers have been developed to deliver this therapeutic energy in a reliable and effective way. We use laser light to stimulate pressure points and energy points in the body to promote therapeutic responses. It has been found that the lasers are not only painless but also have a more pronounced effect on the patient with fewer treatments.

About Laser Therapy

These treatments are non-invasive, safe, drug-free, painless and have NO known side effects. Laser Therapy is considered non-medical procedure and treatment promotes the release of endorphin and seratonin which are the natural feel-good chemicals in your body. This greatly reduces withdrawal discomfort or cravings which is the main hurdle in quitting smoking. The treatment also helps to calm and relax the person, relieving them from what typically would be a stressful experience.


Low Level Laser used in our treatments are NON INVASIVE and FDA has classified these Laser devices as NON Significant Medical Devises. They pose NO health risk. These treatments are 100% natural, Laser Therapy is considered non-medical procedure.

This treatment is being used in most parts of the country and is currently under clinical trial by the FDA guidelines.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) is conducting clinical trials using low-level laser therapy in compliance with FDA regulations.

Safe Laser Therapy Center is registered with IRB to facilitate these trials.


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