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How fast does cold laser therapy work for pain relief?

Safe Laser Therapy, LLC provides treatments for pain relief. This short interview with Malti Gupta, answers the question: “How fast does cold laser therapy work for pain relief?”.

Laser therapy works, it depends upon what kind of treatment you’re coming in for. Suppose if it is for stop smoking, I will say right after that session, you will feel relaxation, like immediately you will feel the difference. In some cases like pain-relief, the results could take a couple of days, and you might have to come and see few sessions in order to alleviate the pain from the root. I must say that the reason I like laser, because the laser help to reduce the pain or to reduce the conditions of what we are doing.

For example, skin rejuvenation. Skin rejuvenation, yes, you can see the results after it is done. For acne, the results could take couple of days, and few sessions would be required, so it depends upon what you’re coming in for and how your body is responding to that treatment. Everybody’s body is also different. Sometimes it can take few sessions, but yes, you will feel some difference every single time.

Laser Treatment for Pain Relief

Learn more about Safe Laser Therapy, LLC and the treatments that the clinic offers, including pain relief therapy, by visiting the website for the clinic (https://www.safelasertherapy.com/). To schedule a cold laser therapy appointment, call (203) 601-7772.

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