malti gupta spula screen with a measuring tape around a man's waist

Laser Therapy Weight Loss Process

Malti Gupta and Safe Laser Therapy LLC provide weight loss management for people from Stamford, CT. In this interview, Malti discusses the laser therapy weight loss process that is offered at the clinic.

malti gupta spula screen with a measuring tape around a man's waist
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When people see me for the first time for the weight loss treatment, I have a consultation session with them. I want to understand what’s going on with their lives and why they have gained the weight in the first place. Sometimes, it could be menopause, and sometimes, it could be any other reason for weight gain. It could be stress. Stress is the biggest reason a person gains weight. We will understand together, and we will figure out the treatment plan. After that, when the treatment starts, we’ll decide what treatment will help you the most. I usually offer laser treatment which is a low-level Laser or cold laser therapy—also the infrared body wrap. Sometimes, I use the combination of these treatments, and sometimes, I do it one at a time.

Depending upon the condition, we go ahead and do the treatment. I would like to see in the nutrition what is missing, what kind of nutrition you should be having, and what you are missing on it. We will give you that advice as well as some supplements maybe. Yes, we are going to help you out in figuring out the reason. Also, do the treatment plans.

Weight Management Stamford, CT

More About the Laser Therapy Weight Loss Process

Learn more about how the clinic uses low-level laser therapy to help patients manage their weight by visiting the clinic website. Then, contact the clinic during business hours to get answers to your questions about weight loss and laser therapy. Call (203) 601-7772.

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