Are There Side Effects with Cold Laser Therapy?

Malti Gupta at Safe Laser Therapy LLC provides low-level laser therapy to help patients stop smoking, lose weight and release stress. This video answers the questions. “Are there any side effects from low-level or cold laser therapy?

None of our treatments has got any side effects. I made sure I knew 100% that there are no side effects of these treatments, whether it’s a laser or an infrared body wrap. Instead, all the medicines come with a bundle of benefits. That means if you’re coming for weight loss, with the weight loss, there are so many benefits which you’re going to get like even skin rejuvenation, like your cellulite treatment, like your pain relief, that comes along with our treatments. That’s the beauty of our treatments. A single treatment can help you in many, many ways.

Cold Laser Therapy Stamford, CT

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Learn more about cold laser therapy and low-level laser therapy by visiting the Safe Laser Therapy website ( In addition, people who have questions about laser therapy can call the clinic at (203) 601-7772 to get answers to their questions.

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